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Douglas K. R. Robinson

Research Scientist, CNRS

Douglas K. R. Robinson Since 2017 Douglas has been a senior researcher at the CNRS, France (Sections 53 and 37), and an honorary senior research associate at the Institute of Innovation for Public Purpose (IIPP) at University College London, UK. For three years (2020-2022) Douglas has served as lab co-director (Directeur Adjoint dans une Direction Collégiale)


Interdisciplinary by training and in practice, Douglas is an expert in studying emerging fields of science, technology and innovations and characterising their link with socio-economic change. Originally trained as a physicist and space scientist, Douglas has been both researcher and consultant focusing on the emergence of breakthrough technologies and their transformation into working technologies in society.  A large part of his work is connecting academic research with real-world problems, through engagement exercises, operationalising responsible research and innovation (RRI), multi-stakeholder technology assessment and the development of policy relevant intelligence.  As part of this activity, Douglas often combines research with tool development to improve reflexivity and better anticipate on the co-evolution of technology, innovation and society.

Recently, Douglas has been engaged in the ramifications of mission-oriented policies for the research and innovation system, and how missions can be implemented by both targeted policy, by researchers and through co-creation activities.

Alongside publishing scientific articles, Douglas also produces reports on emerging technologies and their ramifications for the economy and for society, recent reports for public agencies and international organisations include OECD, European Space Agency and NASA.

Recent publications

Full publication list can be found here.

  • Robinson, D.K.R., Schoen, A., Laredo, P., Molas-Gallart, J., Warnke, P., Kuhlmann, S. and Ordóñez-Matamoros, G. (2021) Policy lensing of future-oriented strategic intelligence: An experiment connecting foresight with decision making contexts. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Volume 169, August 2021, 120803.
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