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Antoine Schoen

Academic Researcher at ESIEE Paris

Antoine Schoen is a computer engineer who holds a PhD in economics from the Université Paris-Sud. He currently teaches at the faculty of engineering of the ESIEE Paris-Université Paris-Est and conducts research activities as a member of the LISIS. Among his recent research activities, in 2013 he participated in the European Research Infrastructure for Science and Innovation Studies (RISIS) project, the goal of which is to pool a set of original databases (which were originally built independently in the 2000s) in order to answer new questions that arise and must be addressed by public policies on research and innovation. Since 2015 he has also been involved in the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) project, and is responsible for coordinating the socio-economic analysis of the construction of this network of marine biotechnology research infrastructure.

His teaching activities at the ESIEE Paris mainly focus on the management of innovation and strategic data.

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