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Aurélie Delemarle

Academic Director of the Industrial Engineering Department, École des Ponts ParisTech – LISIS/IFRIS Researcher

Innovation, the development of new markets and new business models, sustainable development, and process optimization are all keywords structuring Aurélie Delemarle’s activities as a whole, whether within the training she provides to engineers (at the Industrial Engineering Department of the École des Ponts), or her research activities, or her relationships with industrial partners.

Her goal is to contribute to the design and deployment of activities allowing societies to reduce their impact on the environment. This involves both the evaluation of long-term scientific and technological options (nanotechnology, asynchronous logic, offshore wind farms, photovoltaic power), and support in spreading social innovations or innovations related to the sharing economy. The actors involved in this include both the creators of public policies as well as users and manufacturers. Design thinking and forecasting are analysis tools serving to develop a better understanding of this dissemination. Another tool consists in analysing networks of actors (both qualitatively and quantitatively through patterns and publications). It is also important to consider territories (clusters) and territorial development.

Selected bibliography:

  • Delemarle, A. and Larédo, P. (forthcoming). “Tentative governance for new markets by creating market infrastructures”, submitted to a special issue of Research Policy.