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Fanny Guillet


Fanny Guillet is a postdoctoral researcher at LISIS and research fellow at CESCO, MNHN. Her work focuses on public environmental action, mainly in the field of land use planning. Her work aims to understand the implementation of policies and their effects both in social organization and on the state of the environment. She is interested in objects such as territorial planning documents, space protection tools, environmental assessment procedures, which she analyses by articulating the institutional and organizational issues and the role of expertise.


Current research project

  • Investigator on CompAg (Biodiversity Offsets and Agriculture), 2018/2020, funded by the French National Research Agency and coordinated by Isabelle Doussan (INRAE)
  • Investigator on ITTECOP Zizanie (2021/2023) « Urbanization and linear infrastructures towards Zero net artificialization » (coordination)
  • Investigator on ITTECOP Morphée (2021/2023) « Morphology, tools and methods into the market relative to environmental assessment”, coordinated by Stéphanie Barral (INRAE, LISIS)


Selected references

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Guillet F. & Semal L., 2018. Policy flaws of Biodiversity Offsetting as a conservation strategy, Biological Conservation, 221, 86-90.