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Frédéric Goulet

Researcher, CIRAD

Researcher at the CIRAD

Frédéric Goulet is a sociologist and a CIRAD researcher working as a member of the UMR Innovation in Montpellier. He has been assigned to the INTA and the Agriterris international laboratory in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2013.

His research looks at the agricultural sector in France, Argentina, and Brazil. He analyses transformations in the relationships between agronomic research institutions, agricultural development actors, upstream industries, and farmers. In particular, he describes the importance of detachment and demarcation processes in these transformations, faced, for example, with the growing importance of political and social issues such as environmental protection and social inclusion.

Over the past years, he has more specifically been researching technological innovation (labour-free techniques, alternative inputs), the ways that farmers share their experiences with one another, new actors in agricultural development (private advisory bodies; South-South cooperation), and the rise of categories at the interface between science and politics (the case of family farming in Argentina).


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