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Lidia Chavinskaia

Researcher, SupBiotech

Associate professor SupBiotech

Lidia Chavinskaia has been an INRA PhD student at the LISIS since February 2016. Her thesis, directed by Pierre-Benoît Joly and Vincent Ducrocq (Research Director of the INRAe UMR Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative), analyses the international spread of the genomic selection of dairy cattle.

Lidia Chavinskaia spent several years working in international relations at the INRA. During that time she coordinated international cooperation projects with emerging countries, particularly in the field of genomic selection. The various issues that she encountered led her to adopt genomic selection as the topic of her STS thesis.

The genomic selection of cattle – a scientific and technological innovation that has revolutionized animal production in developed countries since 2009 – is currently spreading to other countries. This constitutes an opportunity to revisit technology transfer and to identify and analyse the logics underpinning national and international transfers in a context characterized by numerous standards and scales, as well as unequal knowledge between transferors and receivers.