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Mireille Matt

Research Director at the INRAE

Mireille Matt studied economics at the University of Strasbourg where she has obtained her PhD degree in 1996 and started her academic career as an associate professor. Since 2011, she has been a senior researcher at INRA and was appointed at the Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory (GAEL – Grenoble), before joining the Interdisciplinary Laboratory Science Innovation Society (LISIS – Paris region) in November 2018. Mireille has participated in several EU, national and locally funded projects focusing on innovation and innovation policy studies, evaluation of the societal impacts of large R&D programmes and publicly funded research, and university-industry technology transfer issues. She has published her research results in international peer reviewed journals.

Research areas

  • Innovation and innovation policy studies
  • Open innovation
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Research Impact Assessment
  • Evaluation of socio-economic impacts of large public R&D programmes
  • Production of scientific knowledge and transfer processes towards industry


Evaluation of societal impacts of public research and innovation policies, University of Grenoble Alpes, University of Twente (NL), Université de Nice (KID 2018)

Selected bibliography (5 main publications)

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