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Patrick Steyaert

Engineer at INRAE

Patrick Steyaert’s research aims to understand and support agricultural change processes in the field of public environmental policy (water, wild and domesticated biodiversity). It more specifically focuses on analysing ways in which knowledge is mobilized and produced as a part of the accompaniment of these processes, in particular through the analysis of intermediation activities. In this context, he carries out out joint research projects and teaches several courses (at AgroParisTech, the Université de La Rochelle, and the Université de Liège).

Main publications:

  • Steyaert, P., and Ollivier, G., 2007. “The European Water Framework Directive: How Ecological Assumptions Frame Technical and Social Change”, Ecology and Society, 12 (1): 25. [online]
  • Steyaert, P., and Jiggins, J., 2007. “Governance of complex environmental situations through social learning: a synthesis of SLIM’s lessons for research, policy and practice”, Environ. Sci. Policy, 10(6), p. 575-586
    DOI: 10.1016/j.envsci.2007.01.011
  • Billaud, J.P., Catalon, E., and Steyaert, P., 2013. “De l’instrumentation de la gestion de l’eau à sa territorialisation. Objets, Savoirs Acteurs”, Final report, Programme Eaux et Territoires, MEDDE, 74 p.