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Philippe Larédo

Senior Researcher at the ENPC

Philippe Larédo is a senior researcher at the Université Paris-Est (École des Ponts, Institut Francilien Recherches et Innovations en Societés, IFRIS) and a professor at the University of Manchester (Manchester Business School, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, MIOIR).

His research looks firstly at breakthrough innovations and the construction of markets, and secondly at public policies around research and innovation, more specifically focusing on their characterization and their evaluation. From 2004 to 2009, he coordinated the European PRIME network of excellence on research and innovation policies (which later became the Eu-SPRI Forum, financed directly by approximately fifteen European academic institutions). Since the beginning of 2014, he has been coordinating the European Research Infrastructure for Science and Innovation Studies (RISIS) project.

See the RISIS website.
See the PRIME (Policies for Research and Innovation in the Move towards the ERA) website.

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