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Stéphanie Barral

Research, INRAE

Stéphanie Barral is a sociologist at the French National Institute for Agronomic and Environmental Research (INRAE), with expertise in economic and political sociology. Her work focuses on the contemporary transformations of environmental and agricultural policies. Her first book (« Capitalismes Agraires », Presses de Sciences Po, 2015) analyzes the growth of capitalist palm oil plantations in South East Asia despite social and environmental criticism. Her on-going research deals with biodiversity offsets and payments for environmental services in France and the USA, particularly with regards to trade-offs between scientific knowledge, economic constraints and institutional normativity and how these market-based policies are part of a larger a trend toward privatization in agricultural policies.


Current research projects

  • Investigator on CompAg (Biodiversity Offsets and Agriculture), 2018/2020, funded by the French National Research Agency
  • Co-PI on « Banking on Nature : Understanding the circulation of conservation banking instruments » with Ritwick Ghosh (NYU, USA), 2019/2021, funded by The Jefferson Fund
  • Investigator on POLMA (Politics of agricultural machinery), 2019/2020, funded by IFRIS

Selected references

  • Barral, S., (2019), « Metrics and accountability, the case of species credits in the USA », Journal of Rural Studies
  • Barral, S., Loveluck W., Pinaud S., (2017). “Le Pas-de-Porte En Agriculture, Marqueur de La Dérégulation Foncière et de La Financiarisation Des Exploitations.” (Illegal Lease as an element of farms financialization and land policy deregulation »), VertigO-La Revue Électronique En Sciences de L’environnement 17, no. 1.
  • Barral, S., Pinaud, S. (2017). Accès à la terre et reproduction de la profession agricole. Quelle influence sur la transformation des modes de production dans le Nord-Pas de Calais ? (Access to land and professional reproduction of farming : what influence on the emergence of new forms of agriculture ?) Revue Française de Socio-Economie.
  • Barral, S. (2015). Capitalismes agraires. Economie politique de la grande plantation en Asie du Sud-Est. (Agrarian Capitalism, Political Economy of large plantation in South East Asia), Paris, Presses de Sciences Po. 240p.
  • Gibbon, P., Daviron, B., Barral, S., (2014). « Questions of paternalism : an introduction », Journal of Agrarian Change, 14(2), p.165-189.