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Research themes

The LISIS is organized into three thematic groups, which explore common themes through joint research projects:

  • Thematic group A – Knowledge, Technologies and Social Transformation, supervised by François Dedieu and Jean-Marc Weller, studies the effects associated with the embedding of technologies, and specifically measurement, quantification, calculation, or evaluation technologies – which are seen as knowledge technologies – in a plurality of social worlds, considered here in the broad sense of the term (professional worlds, market worlds, public policy worlds).
  • The Thematic group B – Innovation and Transitions, supervised by Mireille Matt and Bruno Turnheim, looks at sociotechnical transitions and the diversified and expanded forms of innovation in our societies.
  • Thematic group C – Computational Social Sciences, supervised by Marianne Noel and Christophe Prieur, is devoted to the development of digital studies, articulating the design of methods and instruments for digital and computational sociology research to the production of scientific and technological knowledge on transformations of different social and professional worlds related to digitalization.

These three groups, through their various projects, aim to advance research on six themes, that constitute our overall research program for the years 2020 to 2025:

  • Studying transformations in forms of expertise and knowledge production regimes
  • Analysing the political dimensions of digital transformations
  • Understanding change in innovation practices and policies
  • Advancing research on sustainable innovations and transitions
  • Developing digital and computational investigation methods for the social sciences
  • Developing a research infrastructure for science, technology, and innovation (STI) studies.