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Stefan Philipp

Doctorant, ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation (Vienna, AT)

I am researcher and project manager at the Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna, and PhD student at LISIS since 2019. I have a background in regional studies and is interested in the role that research, technology and innovation play in regional development. Currently, I am coordinating the H2020 project CHERRIES – « Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategies », which also provides the framework for my PhD research. Moreover, I am involved in projects with a focus on mission and problem-oriented innovation policy, regional development incl. smart specialisation, Living Lab methodology, scientometric studies, studies on social innovation as well as evaluation of RTI-policies.

In my PhD, I try to contribute to our understanding of healthcare innovation in a regional innovation policy context. The healthcare sector is currently undergoing tremendous changes and innovation is increasingly recognised as means to improve health or economic outcomes of the sector. However, despite this recognition, the discourse is still fragmented and spread over various sub-elements and scientific disciplines that often are not well connected (e.g., health economists, health policy and health management scholars). By contributing a systemic perspective on healthcare innovation, I hope to support regional actors in developing targeted innovation instruments in the context of healthcare.


Selected articles and book chapters:

Philipp, S., J. Suitner und W. Haider (2019): Planning::Innovation. Lernen aus sozial innovativen Energieprojekten. [Planning::Innovation. Learning from social innovation in energy projects] Final report on the FFG research project PLAISIR. Self-published by ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation and TU Vienna, Institute of Spatial Planning.

Philipp, S. (2017): Räumliches Innovationsverständnis – von Linearität zu Smart Specialisation. [Spatial innovation models – from linearity to smart specialisation] In: Suitner Johannes, Rudolf Giffinger, Leonhard Plank (Eds.): Innovation in der Raumproduktion. Jahrbuch Raumplanung, Band 5. Wien and Graz: NWV Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 185-202.

Kleibrink, A., P. Larédo and S. Philipp (2017): Promoting innovation in transition countries: A trajectory for smart specialisation, EUR 28638 EN, European Union, 2017, doi:10.2760/988830.