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Open Evaluation 2016 Conference – Special Track: Societal impacts of agricultural research


Venue: Open Evaluation 2016 Conference, Vienna, Austria, 24‐25 Nov
Theme: The Social innovation, societal impact, societal challenges theme
Special Track: Societal impacts of agricultural research

The pressure for Research Impact Assessment (RIA) is getting especially strong for public research organizations involved in agricultural research. They are increasingly expected to be able to deliver societal impacts, in a context of sustainable transition and increased global food demand. This context favors the improvement and renewal of methods for RIA. RIA is not only expected to respond to accountability imperatives. It may also foster learning processes at different organizational scales and possibly contribute to research governance. This raises a number of key issues, including:

  • the different ways societal impacts are defined by national or international organizations;
  • theoretical models and metrologies developed to assess non economic impacts;
  • the ways the gap between academic research on RIA and practices of RIA is being addressed;
  • the need to match: (i) approaches based on aggregated data and approaches based on case studies and (ii) assessment of societal and economic impact;
  • the possible learning from ex‐post approaches to design ex‐ante assessment methods;
  • Methodological issues (including attribution, judgment procedure, additionally, scales…) and implementation issues (including bureaucracy, engagement,…) arising from RIA

This session aims at gathering researchers and practitioners working on these issues, in the agricultural sector or not. Empirical as well as theoretical papers are welcome.

This session notably follows the ImpAR Conference 2015 that was organized by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in Paris in 3‐4 Nov 2015 (see: for further details). This session is organized by Laurence Colinet, Ariane Gaunand, Pierre Benoît Joly and Mireille Matt, INRA.

Registration and important dates:

  • Submission of extended abstracts of 3 to 5 pages including references: April 15, 2016
  • Confirmation acceptance: June 30, 2016
  • Conference: November, 24‐25, 2016