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Séminaire « Politiques des sciences » : Trials of Value: Valuography as a new way to approach biomedicine

Invités : Francis Lee et Claes-Frederik Helgesson (Uppsala University)

Résumé : Many deep concerns in the society have to do with the enactment, ordering, and displacement of a broad range of values. Drawing on the book, “Value Practices in the Life Sciences and Medicine” as well as ongoing research, this talk outlines a pragmatist stance for the study of the making of values in society: valuography. Furthermore we examine three empirical cases in the life sciences and medicine to show how values are performed differently at different junctures: 1) the shifting values of biomarker based trials, 2) guided missiles and optimized trial designs, and 3) digital disease surveillance. Through these three exmaples, we show how algorithms and calculations become part and parcel of performing conflicting values: objectivity, ethics, economy, and effiency are made and balanced in different assemblages. We close the talk by outlining a number of strategies for how to make valuographies that matter.

Lieu : UPEM – Bois de l’Etang, salle C219
Horaire : 14h00 – 17h00