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Laura Maxim

Researcher at the CNRS

Laura Maxim has an interdisciplinary academic background (university studies in ecology and a PhD in ecological economics) and studies the role of scientific uncertainty in the governance of chemical risks.

She has approached this topic from different angles, first focusing on discursive constructions of uncertainty by actors involved in controversies, and later looking at modalities of intervention with respect to uncertainty in the operation of expert groups and in the relations between experts on the one hand and decision-makers or those who use or commission expert studies, on the other. She has analysed uncertainty as a driving force in transforming environmental policies in the chemistry sector, along with their corollary in terms of economic and research policies to support the emergence of sustainable chemistry.

Award: CNRS Bronze Medal 2021 Bronze Medals 2021 | CNRS

Bibliography (5 main publications)

Maxim, L., Van der Sluijs, J., 2018. “Quality of epidemiological studies: procedural rules for uncertain science for policy”, Environmental Science and Policy, 84: 80-87

Maxim, L., 2017. “More than a Scientific Movement: Socio-Political Influences on Green Chemistry Research in the United States and France”, Science & Technology Studies, forthcoming.

Maxim, L., Van der Sluijs, J., 2014. “Qualichem in vivo: A tool for assessing the quality of in vivo studies and its application for Bisphenol A”, PLOS One, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087738. URL:;jsessionid=85552 6D82AB04CCC3B4885E29582854A

Maxim, L., Van der Sluijs, J., 2013. “Seed-dressing systemic insecticides and honeybees: a challenge for democratic governance of controversies about chemical risks” and “Bee decline web debate” (communication between the authors and Bayer), in European Environment Agency, Science and the Precautionary Principle: Lessons for Preventing Harm. Late Lessons from Early Warnings, vol. II, European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, p. 401-438 and p. 1-20,

Maxim, L., Van der Sluijs, J., 2011. “Quality in environmental science for policy: assessing uncertainty as component of policy analysis”, Environmental Science and Policy, 14(4): p. 482-492.

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