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Projet POSCA-The promises of Soil Carbon Sequestration : Innovations, Organisations, Knowledge.

Aiming to balance greenhouse gas emissions and the sequestering capacities of non-atmospheric sinks, the Paris Agreement reached at the COP 21 in 2015 signals the new centrality of carbon sinks, including soils, as a key means of enabling climate stability. POSCA focuses on the rising promotion of soil as carbon sink in climate policies and […]

Projet MOSAIC : Mission-Oriented Swafs to Advance Innovation through Co-creation (H2020)

While most SwafS (Science with and for Society) initiatives have contributed to strengthening knowledge and approaches to Open Science, few initiatives have explored and implemented an RRI approach to Open Innovation

Projet ANR APY : Entre systèmes complexes et marché : YouTube au prisme des sciences sociales computationnelles

Ce projet entend modéliser la formation des prix sur le marché YouTube, entre logique contractuelle et stratégies de crowdfunding.